Uploading Data

Your densitometry should be generated from top to bottom, left to right as:

Submitted files should contain only three (3) columns. The data should represent pixel intensities (green, red) from a scanned array saved in the comma seperated value (CSV) format. Here is an example:

You may download this sample data file here.

There should be no breaks in the file, no headers, and no column names. The file name should be in the form:


The underscores are required. An example file name is:


While much of the current data was collected without tracking the lot numbers, future entries are required to report the lot numbers.

That's it! Data processing from here is fully automated. If your microarray came from Millipore or Epicypher, we will not need any further information. If your slides were printed from a custom plate or by a machine other than the gene-machine, contact us. We are set up to handle these variations but will need further information.